Introducing Tertal's line of planners, journals, and boxes!

The ultimate planner for any blogger! This planner comes equipped with everything you need to plan for your blog's future. Get an eagle eye view of your blog for months ahead.


  • Monthly calendar

  • Series/categories planner

  • Blog scheduler

  • Create your own hashtag catalog


 .... & More

The ultimate journal for any blogger. This journal comes equipped with the tools you need to catch that perfect blog post.


  • 60 blog note entries

  • Track vital info: intended audience, hashtags, & feedback


 .... & More

Everything a blogger needs in one box!

Get everything above +

pens, highlighters, clips, post-its

something to taste,

something to sip,

something to wear

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Plan your instagram feed using either the 3x3, or focus on one post at a time with the 3x1. Whichever you chose, your instagram feed will love you for it! You will love yourself a little more too!

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